It’s so much easier to look good from a distance.  I mean, from 25 feet away people can look pretty good.  Take me for example – when you stand across the room you can’t quite make out the newly forming fine lines around my eyes, and the scars from my scrappier days. (I ain’t no holla-back-girl – yeah, I said it – lol)  You can’t see the bonded chip in my front tooth when I smile or it’s crooked way.

The same kind of thing is true for our personalities.  And while mystery exists forgiveness abounds – right up until the point where we think we’ve got someone figured out.  Once we think we’ve got ’em pegged, the forgiveness stops and scrutiny begins.  This along with the unloading of suggestions on what we think will make a person, whom we’ve unwillingly placed under a microscope, look or be better.  Do you sometimes find it easier to be nice to strangers than to your family members? I know I’ve been there, as recently as today.  But under that microscope, things only APPEAR bigger – they’re not any bigger or smaller when the lens is taken away.  What are YOU magnifying in your life today?

Perfection is not what the world would have us think it is.  The wrinkles forming on my skin means I made it thru adolescence – something most of the adults who knew me in my teen years would’ve bet big bucks I would never do.  The scars I have are a reminder that God heals wounds, even for the agressors.  My crooked smile is one that reminds me that even when we’re broken gratitude is a powerful thing and a smile can change someone else’s day for the better.  How has someone’s positivity changed your day?

Related verse: Psalm 69:30 

I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Your new-wrinkle-havin’-crooked-smilin’ friend –




BTW could be an acronym for many things; most popularly and especially in text-speak By The Way, or my closer circles it means Beyond The Walls (the name of the ministry I am blessed to be a part of).  

I first recall thinking about the true meaning of the words we speak when I was assigned to read the book To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee in middle school.  The main character (Scout) used the phrase “…by the way…” in a sentence towards his caregiver who promptly corrected him in his usage of that phrase.  I’m about to paraphrase here – but she revealed that “The Way” Scout referred to when he said “by the way” really refers to The Way of the Lord – and that is not what Scout intended when he used that phrase.

Until that point i used the phrase “By the way” pretty regularly as a segue from one point to another, or even out of thin air to bring a thought to life. Being a pretty literal, black and white kind of person, after reading this passage I could no longer use the phrase “by the way” without thinking that I was indicating I was following the Way of God when, at that point in my life, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that whole matter.


Since that time I have learned and believe that Jesus is Way, the Truth, and the Life.  John 14:6 – but I still don’t say “by the way.” What are your thoughts on this phrase?

And how often do we use words that REALLY don’t mean what the true definition of the word is… like “that’s cool” or “awesome” for something really mediocre and not awe inspiring at all.   Hmmm.

Chillin in my awesomeness –

Your friend – Rachel