About Me

I am an over-thinker.  I analyze everything. all. the. time. and usually share my conclusions, and sometimes the process leading up to my conclusions openly… it seems to help the “process”.

My life is full of typical mid-western-ness;  food, kids, sometimes tumultuous weather (in both the physical and spiritual), and God.  Some not so typical things about me are that I am a single mom of twins, I own a home that I won as a prize from the HomeTeam, beat cervical cancer at age 15 and was freed from a type cancer of the heart at age 21 – drug abuse. Here’s my two cents on all these things, my questions, my stories or, as I’ll call it all, my copper coins.

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe… it makes me happy dance… like Carlton.  Don’t know what I mean by that?  Watch this video and smile!


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