Walking in these shoes

“…begin each day as if it were on purpose.”

I really like shoes – specifically stilettos, but any stylish pavement pounder will do.(See my newest shoe find – Only 10 bux and free shipping ya’ll!)  However, you’ll hardly catch me in sneakers or flats unless I’m heading to the gym or out for a run – and then you can’t catch me anyway, ha ha. (Here’s what I use to track my work-out efforts)

This affection for fashionable footwear wasn’t always present.  As a young(er) girl I used to love one pair of sneakers a little more than usual; so much so that even when the canvas fabric started to fray away from the thin rubber sole I still wore them with the same confidence that I had when they were brand spankin’ new.  In fact, I think I liked them a little better this worn-out way.  Even as the frayed edges gave way to expose the lil-bitty toes underneath, I still loved these shoes.

One fall evening when I was ten years old I ran away from home after I heard that if I didn’t like the way things were going on I could go ahead and leave. “Freedom!”, I thought, and off I went.  This escapade only lasted a few hours before I was picked up by our friendly local authorities, but I quickly learned that certain shoes just won’t do in certain situations, especially hole-ridden ones.  I mean, even if you love your winter snow boots as much as my son does, you probably shouldn’t wear them in Ohio mid-July – like my son would if I let him.  Similarly, my favorite new stilettos wouldn’t have done me much service for getting around in the middle of this week’s snow storm, like my fashionable wedge boots didn’t help me out much while trekking on a recent impromptu hike through the woods.  So, as I’ve learned to wear the appropriate shoes for the task or weather at hand I’ve also gained a greater understanding of how a little preparation can add much ease to your day.

In the same way, I’ve learned that I have to prepare my heart for the day as well. when I wake up and get dressed in the morning, I consider my schedule and the weather when choosing what to wear – I am learning now how much more important it is to prepare my heart, clothing it in love and grace, before I go out to meet the world.  I used to just get up and go, go, go.  Whatever thoughts flooded in upon waking for the day were entertained.

I am NOT a morning person.  But, I’ve realized that this is the case because of the negative thoughts that I have allowed myself to entertain upon waking.  Now, when I wake I am practicing the act of expressing immediate gratitude for the day I have been given and thinking positive thoughts intentionally.  In the movie “Hitch” with Will Smith, his character Hitch says “…begin each day as if it were on purpose.”  This is taking some work and it’s still a work in progress, but it’s working for me.  I am gradually seeing less of that cloak of disappointment that used to come over me when the alarm clock would shout me awake.  The greater effect is that this has is my attitude changed towards others for the day, even during my commute to work, because of this one change made at the start of the day.

Sometimes I feel a little like those worn out old sneakers.  I know that I’m a little beat up and frayed around the edges, but I am loved.  Through my relationship with Jesus Christ I am learning how to shod my often high-heeled feet with the preparation of the gospel (good news) of peace.  But first He’s teaching me peace.  The kind of peace that comes from the inside out.  The kind that we get to decide to have no matter what we’re wearing for the day.  Take action –  “… seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14